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Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) The responsibility of the WMS is to foster missionary activities for the local church, surrounding community, and as far as our efforts to reach throughout the state and world.

Class Leaders The Class Leader ministry must call and/or visit their class members and to watch over the members with special care.

Young People’s Division Members of the YPD participate in service projects throughout the community and engage in activities that assist them with dealing with family life, drug, and alcohol abuse, personal development, morals, etc.

Church School The mission of the Church School shall be to teach train, and nurture adults, young adults, college students, teenagers, and children in God’s word.

Mount Zion Historical Society The Historical Society of Mount Zion maintains and disseminates the history of the Church to its members and community.

Food Pantry and Clothes 4 Souls Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm we serve the families of Cobb County and surrounding areas who are in need of food and clothing.

Music Ministry The music ministry sets up the atmosphere and tone for worship by leading the congregation in praise and worship.

Jubilee Senior Ministry Jubliee is a ministry for seniors who are 50 years old and over. We enjoy life together through activities such as picking apples, taking day trips, and going to the movies.

Ushers The duty of an usher is to help lead people into readiness for learning, worship, and evangelism.

Steward Board Ministry The stewards are overseers entrusted with the care of the church and its members.

Trustee Ministry Trustees are responsible to ensure the church building structures, all equipment, and all church properties are functioning.

Hospitality Ministry Hospitality are the servants of Mt. Zion Church events. We also run “D&D Café’” that serves refreshments in between services.

Thurgood Marshall Ministry To serve as an instrument of God to bring biblical, wholesome; and, practical guidance and direction for individuals experiencing life challenges. ——– Camp MZAME Our mission is to provide our children with a faith based nurturing environ-ment that gives them the op-portunity to learn GOD’s word and his love.